About LABS Clinic

Lee Andrew’s Body Sculpting Clinic has unrivalled ability to help you get the body you have always wanted and to achieve body confidence.

Based on the latest science from Harley Street, not only can we reduce stubborn areas of fat via   ‘Lipoglaze’ but also help you smile with confidence with our Teeth Whitening treatment. And, because LABS Clinic was developed by Lee Andrew, a leading Fitness and Nutrition expert, post treatment we also offer our client’s bespoke lifestyle advice to help you make long term changes.

Our treatments and services have been tried and tested and experience has given us the knowledge and satisfaction that what we offer works with results that speak for themselves.

The LABS Clinic Guarantee

When you become a LABS client you will never be left wondering what happens next. Everything we do is based on years of experience, qualifications, integrity and professionalism.

Post treatment we will guide you through what we call ‘continual change’. As your lifestyle changes, we will adapt and prescribe accordingly to help you to achieve the ‘body’ you are looking for.  No matter what lifestyle you have or genetics you may be fighting against, we can guide you through the basics and work with you until you feel completely satisfied with the results, physically transformed and full of confidence.

How it Works

We invite you for an informal, no obligation consultation.  Or, if you live some distance away we can cover most aspects of the consultation over the phone in order to cut down on journeys.

We will discuss the part(s) of your body you feel uncomfortable with and what you aim to achieve.

We will explain about the treatments available, how they work, what to expect and answer any questions you may have, ensuring you are completely satisfied with moving forward as a LABS client. We will decide on the best way forward together, considering affordability, lifestyle and what is achievable.

Cancellation Policy

We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy, in the event an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours prior notice we reserve the right to charge the full quoted price of the treatment. All paid for treatments in advance are non refundable but where possible we will happily change an appointment time, if less than 24 hours notice hasn’t been given.

In exceptional circumstances we may offer an 80% refund, but reserve the right to charge a 20% admin and cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notices isn’t given.

We always endeavour to adhere to clients changing circumstances where ever possible, and operate a flexible appointment system.