Listen to what our LabsCryo Pen clients say about Labsclinic.


* I had a few, what I thought were skin blemishes on the back of my hand, and when I discovered they could be treated so simply, I thought why not. The price was reasonable and the treatment itself was relatively painless. After two weeks the ‘blemish’ had gone. Great, and definitely recommend.   –V.M.

* For years I had a verruca on the heel of my foot, I tried all the on the shelf stuff you can buy, but with no luck. After three treatments with the Pen at Labsclinic it has now gone. The treatment did sting a little but its bearable, you can feel it working anyway. –L.A.

* I had a small wart/mole thingy close to my belly button that was slightly raised, and unsightly really. I had three small bursts with the pen, all on the same day and direct onto the mole. A week later it flaked off and now it's like nothing was there. Brilliant treatment. –J.P.

* Disclaimer: Important note that results may vary from person to person