After your Lipoglaze treatment we will continue to work with you.

With LABS Clinic you will never be left wondering what happens next. After a Lipoglaze treatment we will take post-treatment measurements and work with you until you are completely satisfied with the results.

We can also guide you forward to body confidence through our FREE nutrition and exercise guidance. For some this may mean getting you started and educating on the basics, for others simply honing what you are already doing to take you to the next level.

As your lifestyle changes, we will adapt and prescribe accordingly in order for you to get the best results.  We recognise that change doesn’t happen overnight but at LABS Clinic we will help to make those changes for you.

Everything we do is the result of years of experience and knowledge of our founder Lee Andrew.  We use what has been proven to work to change people’s lives.

Exercise and Nutrition

It is a fact that improper training and nutrition can inhibit your body’s ability to release fat. We can educate you these factors in a way that is bespoke to your lifestyle and goals.

Our knowledge and experience in this area means whether you are a regular exerciser or novice, we can make sure you are doing it correctly in order to ensure your body and metabolism respond. Lee’s expertise as a Personal Trainer tells us that exercise must be prescribed based on an individual’s body composition, lifestyle, genetics, metabolic type and desired goal of the training.

We commonly here: “I train more than 6 times a week, I diet, I intermittent fast yet nothing seems to shift my fat”. Experience tells us the answer is to eat more of the right foods to cater for the high demand for energy, and if weight loss is the goal, structure the training to always be in the fat burning zone. Clients think that by spending 25 minutes on a cross trainer they will burn fat. Wrong, they will burn sugar. We can educate you on how to effectively tap into your fat stores.

Effective fat reduction is supported by sound nutrition. We will advise you on how to identify good foods through their labels, explore current eating habits through food diaries and help you to make realistic changes.

We only use concepts that have been proven to work and your whole transformation will be guided and supported so you know what to expect every step of the way.

Boot Camps

For those who require a ‘kick start’ to losing body fat, we work closely with No 1 Residential Bootcamp who offer people an intensive period of exercise, healthy nutrition and a heap of encouragement to achieve their fat loss goals.

Bootcamp training is a passion of LABS Clinic and our founder Lee Andrew is also a lead Trainer for No 1 Bootcamp. Lee is behind the Binky Felstead body transformation and knows the amazing results that can be achieved.

Typically clients will lose anywhere from 10 pounds and up after a week training with Lee but they also leave highly motivated and with exercise and nutrition knowledge to help them to continue their journey post camp.

Bootcamps are tough but there is no competition, judgment or pressure, just support and encouragement to focus on your goals. Trainers are there every step of the way and just as determined as campers to help you lose those unwanted pounds and the results are amazing to see.

Workouts are based on a variety of training methods including circuits, hiking, boxing and advanced interval training. This ensures that every workout is different and there is no time to get bored or stale.  Nutrition is also a major factor at bootcamps. The intake of calories is controlled but you will still receive enough to complete the daily training schedule but the right kind to detox the body.

Here we are in action…

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Here’s what the celebrities are saying about our boot camp training

It was beautiful and also very tiring, but the end result was great." "I'm going back to No 1 Boot Camp when we finish the filming of this series of Made In Chelsea. I need to finish the job and get seriously ripped!–SPENCER MATTHEWS, MADE IN CHELSEA