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Lipoglaze Non Invasive Fat Freezing Cryogenic Lipolysis


Lipoglaze is much more affordable than traditional liposuction. After a personal consultation and we have established your body type and goals, we will then design your unique treatment programme.

Typically our treatments start from £195 per treatment area. We offer a reduced price for subsequent treatments as we have identified that many of our clients wish for more than one treatment (i.e. abdomen and both flanks). We often run offers and promotions so please like our Facebook page to gain access to these.

Please note that there are other clinics offering or claiming to offer a similar treatment/service so please consider the following when making a decision:

Labs Clinic…..

  • Are unrivalled in it’s knowledge of body fat distribution and how to remove it permanently.
  • Have successfully been in business for over a year, so what we do must work.
  • Have three sizes of applicator which allows us to achieve results 3 x quicker than competitors.
  • Can save clients up to two thirds of the cost of what competitors would need to charge, in order to achieve the same results.
  • Can go to much lower temperatures than competitor’s, offering a greater reduction.

Our competitors cannot go down to the same temperatures we at LabsClinic are capable of, meaning we can target thicker and more stubborn fat.

We have the largest applicator on the market, 3 in total, allowing us to achieve results 3 times faster, and 3 times cheaper.


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