Listen to what our Lipoglaze clients say about Labsclinic.

 * Results will vary from person to person



* Hi Lee I promised I would drop you a brief testimonial , happy to give a more detailed one after I visited you to see how Thursday's treatment went. After searching on the website for people to carry out this treatment I was immediately drawn to Lab's clinic website. After chatting to lee on the phone I felt confidence and comfortable with what the treatment involved. I was impressed with his knowledge in fitness , of the body and in the cryolipolysis procedure. The manner and treatment of care has been second to none, Lee has always been there throughout my journey either by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns. I would recommend the procedure for any body with pockets of fat as it has worked for me. If you are looking for great service, excellent customer care and advice then you need to have this procedure with the Lab's clinic. I can't stress enough the knowledge Lee has in fitness and exercise which is essential for this procedure to be effective. Hope this is ok? If you want anymore please do let me know I was going to get my back fat done when would be the best time to get done Thinking also belly fat?? Thanks lee   –Danny Kavanagh

* Having met Lee at Boot camp I was impressed by his knowledge and dedication when it comes to fitness and training. I decided then to try Lipoglaze and get rid off the last stubborn pouches on my stomach and my knees that were there since my pregnancy and were not responding to any form of exercise. After just one completely painless treatment I started noticing a visible difference Three weeks into the procedure, the pouch on my stomach was almost completely gone and my legs visibly improved. I could not recommend Lee more and the visit to Labs Clinic was definitely worth the trip from my home in Chelsea. Thank you Lee for all your help and hopefully see you soon! –C.R.

* The best words that I would use to describe the treatment are ‘it definitely works without a doubt’. Before the treatment I was on a diet and exercise regime for three months although the weight is dropping but the measurement on the waist line does not reduce as I would expect it to be. Having the first treatment on the abdominal and together with the diet and exercise, the result was really amazing and surprised me. Following a revisit and review with Lee after the 8 wks period, the measurement on the treatment area drop by about 10cm and the body fat in the area was reduced by about 25% as well. The only thing I would say is the treatment will definitely reduce the measurement and body fat on the treatment area but it is not a weight loss product. It will re-contour the body figure, size and shape but not body weight. To lose weight I am afraid will need to be from the diet and exercise really no short cut. The treatment is to reduce the stubborn genetic fat in the area especially in my case ‘the abdominal’ which I was unable to shift even with the diet and exercise. The advantage and benefit with Lee is I also get the nutrition and exercise advise ‘The full package for the price of 1’ from him too during the treatment which again work well together with the treatment to get the maximum effect. If you want to find the ‘new you’, Lee is the man who will definitely happy to help and get the result for you. –Anonymous (Oct 13)

* An extract from an email that we received on the 27th April 2013 - “Hi Lee, Thank you for the session yesterday........I am emailing as you wont believe that i can see the changes already and I have no bruising at all! I obviously want to book the other side to match now”. Click here to see a picture of Sherie’s single treatment.–Sherie

“ * I work out at the gym four or five times a week and keep in shape but haven’t been able to get rid of my love handles. I saw an article on a celebrity who had the treatment in London and the results looked great but I couldn’t afford London prices. When I did some research and saw that LABS Clinic were offering the same treatment but much cheaper I got in touch straight away. Best thing I ever did, Emma talked me through the process and answered all my questions during the consultation and my waist is now 3cm smaller”.–John Wilks

“ * The reason I went to the Labs clinic above all others, was because I knew they would give me a free nutritional consultation. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong in the food department, and why I was storing fat where I was. The knowledge was very impressive, and the way it was explained made complete sense. Once you know, its so easy I didn’t realise I was totally eating the wrong food groups for my type. I have had both my love handles, and abdomen area treated with the Lipoglaze and this has been a massive psychological kick start for me. Two weeks in and reductions are already noticeable. Thanks Labs you have changed my life”.–Joanne Thomas

“ * I volunteered to be a Guinea Pig for the Labs Clinic, by having one love handle treated only in order to show the results off easily and give a case study. Within five days I saw a huge reduction. I’m now six weeks post treatment and most of the fat from my love handle has gone.  Labs has since treated my second love handle to even me out and I am looking forward to the next few weeks”.–M Doran

“* I always struggled to move the fat stored on my outer thigh. Having had the lipoglaze treatment within 8 days there was already a reduction of 2.5cm on each thigh. This combined with some sound nutritional advice is really helping me achieve my personal goals”.–Vash Clemens

“ * I ve recently had a baby and been working hard to lose the weight I gained during pregnancy. I ve largely done that but the pregnancy left me with fat on my lower stomach that I ve not been able to shift.  I had a consultation with Lee who made me feel  at ease as I ve been body conscious since giving birth. I had one treatment with the large applicator and noticed a difference within 3 weeks. My lower stomach is now flatter and I much more confident”.–Jenny Watts

* I got married in June and always wanted to wear a fitted dress. I m naturally quite slim but always had wobbly bits on my hips which I was conscious may show through my dress. A friend of mine had been to LABS for a treatment and thought I would give it a go. My hips are now much smoother to look at and that made me feel much better on my wedding day.–Caroline Dixon


* Disclaimer: Results will vary from person to person and due to lifestyle are not guaranteed.