FUE Hair Transplantation

Labs Clinic offer hair transplant consultancy for Excellent-Hair Transplantation in Turkey, which is very convenient for UK customers.

Not only are we very discreet, we are laid back and informal so you’ll be welcome into a relaxed environment from the outset. The professionalism is a given and the results speak for themselves. Labs clinic® receive clients from all over the country and have great experience in aesthetic procedures, and regarding FUE Hair Transplant procedures including the number of grafts and the treatment in general.

Your Journey starts with a free consultation with our director Lee Andrew, again because he has personally had this successful treatment.

Mr. Lee Andrew, Director Labs Clinic® Ltd. had his hair transplant in December 2014 in the hospital in Istanbul so you can ask him first hand his experience and see his result. Lee Andrew will show you his whole journey, before, during and after photographs and learn why he chose to fly to Turkey for this procedure, and subsequently then become a consultant for UK based clientele.

A successful hair transplant process begins with a thorough examination by a specialist plastic surgeon. It is important that the patient has realistic expectations. During one hair transplantation session, the team can place approximately 4000 grafts, this corresponds to a total of 10,000-12,000 hairs.

To see more information about this procedure please visit the following website:

How much will it cost and what’s included?

Our package price is £1895 and includes the following:

  • Your treatment of FUE Hair transplantation ±4000 grafts.
  • VIP Transfer with private driver (Airport-Hotel-Hospital-Airport).
  • Hotel accommodation (2 nights single room), including breakfast.Doctor examination.
  • Lab analysis. (Blood tests)
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment. (Promotion, normal price is £ 135,-)
  • Warranty Certificate. (Lifetime warranty)
  • Dedicated English speaking personal guide during your hospital visits and treatment.
  • Post- and –pre medications.
  • Shampoo and Lotion.

What is not included in the hair transplantation package price?

  • Flight ticket to and from Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cancellation and travel insurance
  • Visa cost
  • Dinners, Lunches and drinks
  • Excursions

Flights to Istanbul are between € 180 and € 300. We provide all local facilitation services in Istanbul. All transfers between airport, hotel and hospital are provided free of charge.

We also have a VIP upgrade possibility (£ 250,-) which includes the following features;

  • Upgrade to 5 star hotel for the 2 nights.
  • Free Platelet Rich Plasma procedure.
  • Private transfer car with English speaking driver for your whole stay.


We offer a full satisfaction policy for the treatment on offer. The transferred hairs will have a lifetime warranty. The materials used carry a warranty too! Contact us today to learn more. 

What to do before your surgery:

  • A good night’s sleep is required the day before your surgery.
  • In the morning have a good breakfast and make sure you drink enough.
  • A week before your surgery, do not take any medications such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory (Advil, Motrin), all vitamins, herbs and supplements (Ginkgo, glucosamine) , soft or hard drugs and alcohol.

What to do after your surgery:

  • Take your antibiotics as prescribed and if necessary the drugs against pain.
  • Do not rub or scratch the grafted area. Don’t use a brush.
  • Rest, sleep or watch TV for the rest of the day. Do not put pressure on the grafted area.
  • Wait at least 24 hours till your first hair wash.
  • Wash your hair in the shower with a gentle stream of lukewarm water, do not use hot water. To dry your hair, you can use fresh air from a hair dryer (not hot) or lightly pat with a towel.
  • Regular use of vitamin B complex (2 tablets daily) and vitamin E (1 tablet per day) will help maintain the quality of hair and facilitate nerve regeneration in the grafted area as well as the incision line.

 If you follow the directions above, your treatment will be much more successful and complications will be limited to a minimum, however if you do experience any problems then our team are on standby to answer your questions now. 


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