Teeth Whitening

Create a dazzling first impression with a stunning smile and beautiful sparkling white teeth.

At LABS Clinic we provide dentist teeth whitening that will boost your confidence and give you a smile that people will remember.

The process is straight out of Harley Street and all of our technicians are trained in London and use this latest technology to give you an amazing dentist white teeth smile. The treatment only takes about an hour and your done.

This revolutionary non-invasive treatment achieves exceptional results, is completely safe and has little or no sensitivity. All you have to do is lay back and relax whilst our professionally qualified technicians work their magic.

Our Northampton Bleach Teeth Whitening practitioner is a registered dentist and registered with the GDC on the Dentists Register. A dental health check will be carried out prior to any treatment to determine suitability, before we give you a new confident pearly white smile.

See some of the TV stars that have had similar Bleach Teeth Whitening in London. The exact same treatment and qualified technicians, but based here in Northamptonshire.

The Process

Following application of de-sensitising gel, whitening paste is applied to the teeth then activated by the revolutionary Magenta LED. The Magenta system soothes heals and de-sensitises at the same time as activating the product to achieve exceptional results.

Once the treatment is complete your teeth will be up to ten shades whiter. Treatments last about an hour, with no follow-up treatment required. If you wish to go even brighter, you can opt for a booster, and this is dependant on the starting shade of your teeth and your own individual preference. The results are instant and with the correct maintenance can last for 12 to 18 months.

Prices – Teeth Whitening

We offer the same £300 Harley Street treatment from just £195. Teeth Whitening in Northampton and Cheshire.


Immediately After Our Teeth Whitening Treatment

What you do in this period is important to reaping the full benefits of the treatment.

We recommend that you do not consume anything that would stain white paper for 72 hours post treatment. For example coffee, tea, red wine, coloured fruit, fizzy drinks, red meats and tomato based sauces.

You can however, consume all food and drink that is clear or white for example milk, potatoes, water, bananas, white fish, white rice, white wine and pasta.

We also advise that you do not brush your teeth for 24 hours after treatment or wear any dark or bright coloured lipstick for 72 hours.

If any sensitivity occurs, please use sensitive toothpaste and rub into the teeth, also gargle with luke warm water.

Maintenance Kits

To keep your sparkling smile topped up, you can purchase a Lovelite Maintenance Kit to use at home. This contains everything you need to help retain your newly white teeth. This is ideal for people who smoke or consume a lot of food or drink which is prone to staining teeth (red wine, tomato based sauces etc).

This kit cannot be used until two weeks after treatment.

Contact us today for your Lovelite Teeth Whitening aftercare kit to use at home, worth £35. LABS Clinic offer £29.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

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