Northampton Teeth Whitening- the word on the street…


Firstly see some of the TV stars that have had Lovelite White teeth whitening in London. The exact same treatment and qualified technicians, but based here in Northamptonshire.


* Important Note: Results may vary from person to person

* I am really happy with the results of my teeth the shade they have reached I didn’t expect. The procedure was very comfortable and relaxing and Lisa answered all my questions and was very nice. I will be returning to labsclinic in the near future for a top up if need be. –C F.

* I seen labsclinic online as I was looking to get my teeth whitened so i was shopping about. But labsclinic really caught my eye and I am really glad that I made the decision to go for a free honest consultation with Lisa whom was very honest and told me exactly what we could achieve. I was really happy with my results now two of my friends our booked in to have there’s done I would really recommend. –A T

* Recently having treatment for fat freezing (lipoglaze) and now returning for more treatments because the results are amazing. The technician Lisa mentioned to me about the teeth whitening labsclinic our doing and the offers on at that time. I was really interested and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. And again I was explained exactly how the procedure works it was extremely comfortable I had some fantastic results. I have told all my friends and family and they our due to book in. –M F.

* I Smoke drink coffee so my teeth our stained and having my teeth whitened is something I like to have done like my nails and hair. I have shopped about and had the treatment at a few different places but I decided to go for a free consultation at labsclinic which the technician Lisa was lovely and very honest she showed me before and after pictures of clients that have attended labsclinic and I must admit I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to have the treatment done. It was very simple and comfortable I was really happy with the results and will be returning to labsclinic from now on for my topups when needs be. –L C.

* I love my new teeth, Emma was lovely the whole time and the process was incredibly simple and pain free. I will be back again in a year’s time if need be most definitely. Subsequently several of my colleagues from work have visited the Labsclinic to have their teeth whitened, or are booked in to do so. –A J

* I had severely stained teeth from smoking and drinking when I discovered the Labsclinic in a magazine. So I booked in for a free consultation. They told me that if I wanted to go brilliant white I would probably need a second treatment, which they could do within 10 days of the first. I was happy at the consultation part so I decided to get treatment there and then. The outcome was perfect, the majority of the stains have gone and I can now happily smile. I use the maintenance kit they gave me which keeps them how I want them. Thank you to the Labs Clinic and Emma. –S A

* My Wife had some treatments done at the LabsClinic, the fat freezing ( Lipoglaze ) and was very happy with the results, and whilst their she decided to take advantage of a brilliant offer on the teeth whitening they do also. So the wife comes home, brilliant white smile so I booked in also. I am very impressed with the service and how comfortable they made me feel, the treatment was not sensitive at all and I am incredibly happy with the results. Totally recommended. –T A

* I’ve known Lee from personal training and I’ve always wanted my teeth whitened, so yes he gave me mates rates and I am happy to give a testimonial for him. My teeth turned out really white and clean, I was very impressed with the treatment. I think the whole process took about an hour, and Emma the technician was lovely. If you want cleaner whiter teeth, the system certainly works. –J R

* Disclaimer: Important Note that Results may vary from person to person.